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Jolyon White, a graduate in Theology from the University of Otago, has been cleaning up those misleading National Party Billboards that have been littering the landscape recently.

White co-ordinated the campaign which added ”The rich deserve more” and ”Drill it, mine it, sell it” stickers to signs around the country.
The Press

National Party Billboard with the truth added
National Party Billboard with the truth added

The Press alleges that Jolyon managed to fix up some “700 National billboards”, which is just an outstanding effort. Compare this with Jesus, who only cleansed the one Temple.

The United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child (56th session) notes that while the extent of child poverty has declined in recent years, it remains concerned that about 20% of children in New Zealand are living under the poverty line…. New Zealand is ranked in the bottom third of the OECD for income inequality…. Incomes remain much more unequal than during the 1980s…. New Zealand has large and persistent income differences between ethnic and gender groups.  There are also an unacceptably large number of children experiencing hardship.  The choice to favour investment in other segments of the population over children will have adverse consequences for New Zealand in the future.  Insufficient response to this very unsatisfactory situation contributes to the overall grade of D.
The New Zealand Institute

Jolyon White interviewed on Close Up

Jolyon White interviewed on Close Up (click to view)

Jolyon is currently the poster boy for doing Theology at the University of Otago:

Jolyon joins the ranks of other famous social justice protestors in recent years who have utilised creative vandalism, including one group that caused $1m worth of damages to the U.S. spy base at Waihopai – a military unit based in New Zealand which participates in the slaughter of Iraqi and Afghani men, women, and children. On 21 October 2010, the Centre for Theology and Public Issues invited one of the Waihopai protestors to speak at the University of Otago.

Now these are real heroes. Like this guy: