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The Word of God, the Bible, provides many descriptions of the Antichrist. The Bible tells us that, in the End Times, the Antichrist will ascend to dominion over the coming New World Order. He will then begin his reign of terror, in which he will persecute the Church of the Saints. 

It has become clear to some of us in recent months that this person has now revealed himself. So he must now be named and, although we believe he will do all in his power to suppress or discredit this information, we must bear a stong witness.

The Antichrist is John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand. The Scriptures are clear. He who has ears, let him hear!

The Bible’s description of the Antichrist are in agreement with the facts of John Key’s life – on every point! This cannot be dismissed as mere coincidence!!

See for yourself:

1. It is prophesised: antichristkeyHe will be a little man, but grow exceedingly great toward the south, east, and the beautiful land (Daniel 8:9-12).

John Key stands at only a little over five-and-a-half feet. After being born in Auckland, he moved to the South Island as a project manager at Christchurch-based clothing manufacturer Lane Walker Rudkin, before moving to the East as head of Merill Lynch’s Asian foreign exchange in Singapore. He has now become Prime Minister of Godzone, the beautiful country, New Zealand.

2. It is prophesised: He will speak arrogant words (Daniel 7.11).

When actress Keisha Castle-Hughes campaigned against global warming, John Key arrogantly dismissed her with the following words of harsh (and satanic) invective, “My advice to Keisha is this: Stick to acting.” In addition, as a sign of his march towards absolute dictatorship, John Key now refuses to speak with the media. Instead, he tells them, in what was hip late-1990s teenage slang, to “speak to the hand.” Oh, the arrogance!

3. It is prophesised: He will become very strong… but not by his own power… in his quick rise to fame (Daniel 8.24).

Barack Obama, John Key - A Secret Covenant Between Muslims and Jews? Note the unidentified man in foreign-looking hat in foreground.

Barack Obama, John Key - A Secret Covenant Between Muslims and Jews? Note the unidentified man in foreign-looking hat in foreground.

Although he was only made leader of the opposition in November 2006, he rose to become leader of the powerful South Pacific nation of New Zealand just under two years later – backed by the shadowy organisation known as The National Party. On 25 July 2008, Key was added to the New Zealand National Business Review (NBR) Rich List, with an estimated wealth of NZ$50 million. John Key has become so famous that he now appears on the Late Show with David Letterman. Barack Obama has also appeared on Letterman.

4. It is prophesised: He will be blasphemous, and speak against God and his Word (Revelation 13:6).

John Key opposed the Biblical right to smack children, instead throwing his support behind the ‘Whore of Babylon,’ Sue Bradford. Sometimes when he speaks, the words are so unintelligible that he could well be speaking the most blatant and vile blasphemies against Jesus, and nobody would ever know. Except Jesus, who knows everything.

5. It is prophesised: The “merchants of the earth” will grow rich by supporting the New World Order (Revelation 18:3).

John Key was a Merchant Banker, who grew rich by playing with Kings and Rulers. But he has never revealed the exact means by which he amassed his curious wealth.

6. It is prophesised: His number will be 666 (Revelation 13:18).

John Key joined the National Party in 1998. The number 1998 is exactly 3 times 666.

7. It is prophesised: He will be a king ‘different’ from those who preceded him (Daniel 7.24).

The election campaign portrayed John Key as ‘different’ from your average politician, more an average man in the street. Sure, a man in the street with $50m in his back pocket, but it was a very average $50m.

8. It is prophesised: He will be called the Messiah (Matthew 24:5).

John Key supporter with John Key himself, who has arranged a picture of himself with the image of a cross over his left shoulder.

John Key supporter with John Key himself. John Key has cunningly arranged a picture of himself with the messianic image of a cross over his left shoulder.

To be heralded as ‘King of the Jews,’ the Messiah must have Jewish descent. John Key is descended from Jews! John Key is also followed everywhere he goes by sect members wearing cultish blue garb, proclaiming their adherence.

9. It is prophesised: He will be miraculously healed, the whole world astonished (Revelation 13:3).

In January 2009 Key slipped on some stairs at a Chinese New Year celebration, breaking his right arm in two places. This has since healed, miraculously, as noted by The Chinese Community. There are more than 1 billion Chinese on the planet today, most of them pagans. In addition, 2009 is the year of the ox in this pagan (and so demonic) system of thought. The ox is a horned creature. In Daniel 7:7, the Antichrist is portrayed as a horned creature.

10. It is prophesised: A false prophet will arise to be his right-hand man, causing all to take a mark, erecting a “living image of him” (Revelation 13.12-15).

John Key’s office has erected a website with his own “video journals” – displaying a “living image of him”. This would not have been possible before the arrival of the internet. The Bible knew about the internet, proving it was inspired by God!

All of this has been fulfilled to the letter. The odds of this are, approximately 1 in 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000!!

The conclusion is clear: John Key is the Antichrist.
You have been warned.