The annual conference for the Aotearoa-New Zealand Association of Biblical Studies is on again next week, on Monday 7 – Tuesday 8 December. It will be held at the University of Otago, Castle C Lecture Theatre. And it’s free – which makes it the best value biblical studies conference in the world.

Here’s the draft schedule:

Monday, 7 December
9:00 am welcome, name tags, numbers for conference dinner, etc.
9:30 am Gerard Ellis, “Paul and the Philippian Church on the Verge of the Sub-Apostolic Age”
10:30 am morning tea
11:00 am Sarah Hart, “The Tent of Meeting as a Word Picture”
12:00 pm John Hale, “John Milton’s Theology: Robbing Peter to Pay Paul?”
12:30 pm lunch
1:30 pm Yael Klangwisan, “Existential Philosophy and the Song of Songs”
2:00 pm John Barclay, “Paul and Alain Badiou”
3:00 pm Matt Easter, “If Not Pistis, then What?: An Investigation into ‘Unfaith[fulness]’ in the Book of Hebrews
3:30 pm afternoon tea
4:00 pm Tim Meadowcroft, “Bridging ‘the Ugly Ditch’: Reflections on Luke 1:1-4 and History”
5:00 pm conclusion
Evening: dinner (venue to be announced)

Tuesday, 8 December
9:00 am Mark Keown, TBA
9:30 am John Douglas, “Shadow, Substance, Coincidence, Significance: The infancy narratives of Samuel, John the Baptist, Jesus and ‘Mason Durie’s Tapa Wha model’”
10:30 am morning tea
11:00 am “Luke 19:8- Salvation or Vindication: The Ongoing Debate”
12: 00 pm Emily Colgan, “Contrasting Images of Land in Jeremiah 2:1-9”
12:30 pm lunch
1:30 pm AGM
2:00 pm James Harding, “Reading/Writing David and Jonathan with John Addington Symonds”
3:00 pm Tim Harris, “Ethos as theology: refocusing Pauline Theology”
3:[3]0 pm afternoon tea
4:00 pm Miriam Bier, “Towards a Hermeneutics of Participation: Lamentations as Resistant Conversation”
4:30 pm Paul Trebilco, “Self-Designation in Earliest Christianity”
5:00 pm conclusion