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Embodiment of Universal Spiritual Values Seminars

Joshua Davis is a recent Otago University Masters graduate in Bioethics. He will be presenting seminars  supported by Professor Grant Gillett in Dunedin this week, at The Otago  Room,  Downstairs,  OUSA  Clubs and  Societies  Centre,  Albany  St Dunedin  (opposite the University Library): 

  • Thursday 16th  February  2012  4pm-5pm
  • Friday  17th  February  2012   4pm-5pm
Some  background  information 

The Brain of  Melchizedek  and the  Cognitive  neuroscience  approach  to the  Embodiment  of  Universal  Spiritual  Values

For millennia the stories of many cultures and people have been written, sometimes in the form of books, sometimes on the rocks, sometimes on wood, and they are the records of our ancestors, of our families. Many of these records have been, through the centuries, the object of religious beliefs, religious worship and politics, and as a consequence we have lost the pure wisdom that they intend to keep for us. On the other hand when we look at the same processes of human behaviour from a neurogenetic spiritual perspective we can derive very valuable information from ancient wisdom and personal revelation, and if we combine these with modern scientific research we are left with a synthesis and a synergy which I have called the Paradigm of Melchizedek.

This Scientific-Spiritual paradigm gives us the possibility to understand the difference between Spiritual Universal Values and Behavioural Values and to study the inner transformations that a human being needs to undergo in order to find lasting Peace.

As a consequence, this also allows us to understand the transgenerational peace propagation process which can be mathematically modelled and explained with the aid of systems theory and systems simulation like a neurogenetic spiritual peace propagation process. This process I have called “Melchidynamics” considering that ancient scriptures talk about a people of peace outside of worldly powers and nation states that will facilitate peace on earth as universal, and considering that these people, according to the scriptures and their own accounts, have gone from human consciousness to God Consciousness, and also considering that many people in the world are undergoing such transformations with dreams, visions and aspirations like the one of Auroville (India) or Freedom Farms (New Zealand), we derive a unique opportunity to facilitate this process of peace propagation by consciously understanding the nature of the system and the nature of the unique needs of each people.

This series of seminars will introduce us to:
  1. A cognitive neuroscience approach to spirituality and its intimate relation to ancient wisdom.
  1. The neurobiology, psychophysiology and quantum physics of Spiritual Universal Values.
  1. The coordination dynamics and metastability of the dynamical system of peace propagation process, Melchidynamics.
  1. The Birth of a Nation of Peace, the modern Embassy of Peace and the particular case of  the ancient prophecies about the correction, purification, reunion and restoration of the Twelve Tribes of Israel as a Nation of Peace, other prophecies of different cultures and nations and the potential overlap between these prophecies and the Embassy of Peace.
  1. Freedom Farms, similarities and differences with Auroville and potential synergies.

Meet a University of Otago Master of Science (with credit) graduate and the author of The Brain of Melchizedek! See you there!!