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Caroline Blyth and Robert Myles

Caroline Blyth and Robert Myles

The Australasian sector of the global Bible, Critical Theory and Reception Seminar is coming to New Zealand in 2012.

Robert Myles and Caroline Blyth (University of Auckland both) have offered Auckland as the venue for BCT&R, which will probably be staged in August from 1-2 September 2012. More details to come when available.

The Bible, Critical Theory and Reception Seminar has been running in Australia and New Zealand for over a decade, and in the United Kingdom since 2011. The Seminar showcases the cutting edge in the study of Theory and Reception in relation to biblical studies. In a worthy attempt to short-circuit daytime and evening conference activities, the venue for each BCT&R Seminar is a local pub. Robert Myles, queer theorist and Jesus scholar, has promised to carefully investigate, over a course of some months, possible locations for the 2012 Australasian BCT&R Seminar. I put in my vote for upstairs at the Empire.