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As a protest against what we view as certain injustices currently being perpetrated in the world, the Dunedin School believes that, ethically, it has no other choice but to refuse to blog until the following demands are met:

  • the U.S.A. must introduce real socialism
  • all so-called “Universities” must renounce any profit motive, or relinquish the name “University”
  • the Anglican Primate of Nigeria, Nicholas Okoh must give Elton John a BJ (a nice one)
  • the Annual and International Meetings of the Society of Biblical Literature must eliminate all of its ridiculous and endlessly multiplying confessional sessions, and officially declare that they have no place in critical biblical studies
  • Germany must recognize that Aspergers has become a national epidemic
  • Analytical and Continental philosophy must resolve their differences and come together as one
  • the All Blacks must be disbanded
  • global warming must be stopped, right now
  • the apostrophe rule for personal pronouns must be strictly policed (by former All Blacks, armed only with referee whistles)
  • each and every Israeli must write out 100,000,000,000 times, on A4 paper, the line: “We are not the divinely Chosen People, we were being very silly boys and girls”
  • and free fish n chips on Fridays for everyone