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The Dunedin School is pleased to announce our very first Caption Contest. Over in that wannabe-mini-America they call Australia, last Easter Saturday, members of the Heaven on Earth Church upset hoardes of little children with a graphically violent crucifixion scene, staged outside a local shopping centre. After the children started bawling and causing an unholy ruckus, and most importantly, interrupting sales, the cops were called in. The authorities quickly removed the bloody Jesus from his cross and detained him for questioning (“Who do you think you are, all covered in blood, like this? You oughta be ashamed. The Son of God, huh? So ya think you’re funny, do ya? How about you accompany us to the station looking like a half-naked Abo, and we’ll see if you’re still making jokes after an hour or two…”).

Anyway, issues of religious freedom aside, this pic is just begging for some witty captions. Go on, have a go (you know you want to):

A free copy of John Shelby Spong’s latest book, Eternal Life, to the lucky winner.