Karl Barth - author of Church Dogmatics

Now, this is a real discount. Karl Barth’s monumental Twentieth Century systematic theology, Church Dogmatics, is available at a pre-order price of $99.99down 90% from the recommended retail price of $995.00. That’s in hardback, too.

This is the old T&T Clark English translation, edited by T. F. Torrance and G.W. Bromiley. And the release date is 1 November 2010.

Most of the 9,233 pages and over 6,000,000 words of Karl Barth’s ponderous prose should of course be ignored. But buried amongst the detritus of theological obtuseness is a short and surprisingly sensible mini-commentary on the Book of Job – surrounded as it is by some vacuous and atavistic comments about humanity. Do you think that little “vignette” could win me a free copy?

And I wonder if it’s about to go out of copyright? Maybe somebody from Hendrickson could let me know. Update: Nope – Hendrickson say that is not the case. They just have a deal with T&T Clark to reprint the older 14-volume set, now that Continuum/T&T Clark is selling a 31-volume “study edition” set. And they’re doing it for $99.99. Isn’t that nice of them? Hat-tip: Jim West.