The Dunedin School has been mentioned in an academic article published in the world’s leading journal on the Bible and critical theory, The Bible and Critical Theory. James Crossley (University of Sheffield), a sometime commenter on this blog, writes:

“Unlike the mass media, biblioblogging is not directly dependent on corporate financial backing and so more and more figures from overtly different perspectives would be able to follow Wrong’s lead and open up different ways of thinking about the politics of biblioblogging from within the world of biblioblogging, perhaps even donning the mask. There are now also occasional exceptions, such as Roland Boer’s blog, Stalin’s Moustache, and the collective, Dunedin School, which also have a far higher level of political sophistication and learned interaction with a wider array of scholarship in the humanities than other blogs.”

(James Crossley, “N.T. Wrong and the Bibliobloggers.” Bible and Critical Theory 6.1 (March 2010): 03.11.)

“Political sophistication and learned interaction.” Yeah, baby!

The Dunedin School understands that description as applying especially to us, rather than Roland Boer’s Stalin’s Moustache. For Roland just goes on about sex, penises, testicles, and prairie oysters¬†– and with some decidedly spurious etymologies. He’s the veritable Roger Lambert of biblical studies.