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I usually try to ignore the dull drone which is the sorry excuse for the New Zealand national anthem – on those occasions when it is forced on me in public. So I propose that they change it to something that would really get everyone on their feet! Something which really reflects something of the national psyche!!

This is why I am spearheading a campaign to change the New Zealand national anthem to “It’s Sheep We’re Up Against”. Much like our old national anthem, it was even written by some Pommy bastard (sombody in 1980s band, the Housemartins). And unlike the old national anthem, it is desirably self-deprecating and almost impossible to get jingoistic about (which, from my decidedly unnationalistic point of view, are ideal qualities for a national anthem if we must have one).

Yet, the chorus-line somehow captures what it is to be from these tropical South Pacific isles (and more so if you’ve ever been a farmboy in Southland, according to the best estimates).

So join the Campaign to change NZ National Anthem to “It’s Sheep We’re Up Against” Facebook Group, and make a real difference to the world you live in and to the lives of sheep everywhere.

Indeed, it’s sheep we’re up against. Take it away, fatboy…