From the Foreword to Edward Conze’s lovely translation of and commentary on The Diamond Sutra and The Heart Sutra, originally published as Buddhist Wisdom in 1958 (pp. xxiii- xxx):

‘There was a time when wisdom was prized more highly than anything else … Contemporary religious movements are equally unhelpful.  Intent on extreme simplification, they take pride in discarding the intellectual content of religion.  Whether we look to Billy Graham and Moral Rearmament, or, farther east, to Krishnamurti and the Shin-shu of Japan, the demands made on our intellect and comprehension are reduced to a minimum … Generally speaking it would be difficult to find anything as remote from the interests of the present day as the contents of this book.  This in itself may recommend it to some of those for whom it is intended’.

Indeed it does.  Thank you, Professor Conze.