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Jonathan Jong, Conference Secretary

Jonathan Jong, Conference Secretary

Conference secretary, Jonathan Jong has revealed titillating details of the programme for the upcoming Towards a Unified Science of Religion Conference, 12-14 February 2010, University of Otago.

The conference boasts:

  • Three keynote speakers giving overviews of the field (David Sloan Wilson, Harvey Whitehouse and Jesse Bering)
  • Three papers on the philosophical implications of science
  • About half a dozen papers on the applications of theories to specific religious movements (e.g., Quakerism, Polynesian religion)
  • A paper on the evolution of the soul
  • A paper on experimental method

Full details will appear later this month on the conference website.

Note: registration is due by 20 January 2010. Full price is NZ$250; students and unwaged at NZ$100.