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Towards a Unified Science of Religion

University of Otago
Dunedin, New Zealand
12-14 February 2010

Just a note that registration is due by 20 January 2010. Full price is NZ$250; students and unwaged at NZ$100. Programme details to come soon.

From the conference website:

The belief in gods, demons, and other supernatural agents is a persistent feature of human culture, which cries out for explanation. In the last twenty-five years explanations of religion have reached a new level of sophistication. We now have a range of different scientific theories of religion, in cognitive science, anthropology, and evolutionary psychology, drawing upon a significant body of empirical data. This conference, sponsored by the Department of Philosophy at the University of Otago, will bring together researchers from these different disciplines and different theoretical perspectives, to explore the possibility of a unified science of religion.

Keynote Speakers

David Sloan Wilson
Binghamton University
Harvey Whitehouse
Jesse Bering
Queens University, Belfast


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The Bible & Critical Theory Seminar,
February 7-8, 2010,
The Bog Irish Bar, Dunedin.

The Bible & Critical Theory Seminar Program

February 7, 2010
0930-1015    Roland Boer, University of Newcastle, NSW
The sadness of Friedrich Engels

1015-1100     Eric Repphun, University of Otago
The Monstrous Cinematic Christ: Biblical Narrative as ‘Supplement’ or ‘Multiple Opposite’?


1130-1215     John Barclay, University of Durham, UK
Paul and Alain Badiou

Lunch at The Bog – Menu: http://www.thebog.co.nz/dunedin/menu_breakfast.html

1300-1345    Christina Petterson, Macquarie University, NSW
Spirit and Matter in John

1345-1430     Robert J. Myles, University of Auckland
Dandy discipleship: A queering of Mark’s male disciples


1500-1545    Holly Randell-Moon, University of Newcastle, NSW
Left or Right? Religion and politics in Australia under the Howard and Rudd governments

1545-1630     Remy Low, University of Sydney, NSW
Submission in the War of Position:  Towards a Neo-Gramscian Reading of 1 Peter 2:18-21

Drinks and dinner at The Bog
The Bog has live music from 2000 on Sundays

February 8, 2010
0930-1015    Judith McKinlay, University of Otago
The Daughters of Zelophehad hanging out with Edward Gibbon Wakefield: What am I doing with them?

1015-1100     Moana Hall-Smith, St John’s College, Auckland/University of Otago
Divine colonization in the Book of Judges: A Maori woman’s ecological reading of Judges 19


1130-1215     Elaine Wainwright, University of Auckland
From Wilderness to Waterfront: The Play of Time and Space in an Ecological Reading of Matt 3-4

Lunch at The Bog

1300-1345    James Harding, University of Otago
The David and Jonathan narrative(s) as open text

1345-1430     Yael Klangwisan, Laidlaw College, Auckland
The Marine Lover & the Song of Songs

From 1430
Drinks at The Bog

So you think you are interdisciplinary?  Prove it and come on down for both.