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ESV: Apologetic trash

ESV: Apologetic trash

Gavin Rumney has an interesting post about the ESV’s (English Standard Version’s) introduction to the book of 2 Peter. The ESV has been jokingly referred to as the ‘Evangelical Standard Version’, reflecting its character as a conservative and reactionary translation of the Protestant Bible.

Gavin outlines one way in which the ESV’s introduction to 2 Peter attempts to influence or control the manner in which the Bible is read – in a manner which obfuscates or misrepresents the view of the great majority of biblical scholars concerning 2 Peter. Have a read of Gavin’s post over at Otagosh, ‘Comforting Waffle from the ESV’, in which he delivers these delightful turns of phrase in describing the ESV and its unscholarly production:

“… misleading apologetic trash about 2 Peter doesn’t only appear in fringe sectarian magazines, but even inside the covers of “respectable” Bible translations – the ESV being a case in point.”

“… This is whistling in the dark, hoping the peons in the pews won’t dig beyond shallow reassurances. Ignorance is bliss.”

“The idea that our New Testament in its present form goes all the way back to the time of the apostles is wishful thinking at best, and blatantly dishonest at worst…”

“… The ESV publishers claim higher ground, but seem up to their eyeballs in the same boggy swamp.”

“… why should anyone believe – let alone promote – nonsense in order to make it into something it’s not.”