The first academic conference on U2 has just got even better. It now has its own limited edition T-shirt! Available until 16 Oct 2009.

U2 Conference T-shirt

That’s my paper title that I’ve highlighted on the conference T-shirt, because, after all, how many times do you get a conference t-shirt with your paper title on it? Ah, the pride (in the name of love) with which I will wear it! 

Come along if you’re somewhere near Durham, NC next weekend (2-4 October). They’ve even managed to put on a U2 concert in a nearby Raleigh baseball stadium on the Saturday night.

If, however, you can’t make it, then I understand the conference organisers will be publishing a book containing some of the papers. And there’s a great variety of papers on everything concerning U2 from a whole host of disciplinary perspectives. I’m quite looking forward to hearing some of them. It’s good to get some interdisciplinary insights going on about a single topic. Will they be even better than the real thing?