Lighting the Calvin 500 CakeHere’s some of the photos taken at the Dunedin celebrations of John Calvins 500th birthday, on Friday 10 July 2009:

Dunedin School - Calvin's 500th Birthday Celebrations

The cake measured about 1 square metre, held a full 500 candles, and – for your interest – was a sponge cake filled with raspberry jam:

500 Candles for Calvin

Unfortunately, because there were so many candles, the middle of the cake broke out into a towering inferno, while we were still lighting the outside candles. We suspect the spirit of Servetus was wreaking his revenge. This gave the sponge cake a distinct smokey taste. Apart from that, it wasn’t a bad sponge:

Calvin on Fire

Dunedin was settled predominantly by Presbyterian Scots in the Nineteenth Century, a fact which has certainly left its mark on the cold and austere Gothic architecture around the place.

A particularly successful part of our celebrations, I thought, were the Calvin Party-Hats. There’s just something terribly incongruous about a Calvin Party-Hat: